• Sharing my Animoto videos on social media has gotten me dozens of new wedding clients.

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Why Animoto is landing me brides...

Anthony Vazquez

  • Brides do my marketing for me when they see their Animoto video. They e-mail out and Facebook update their video for all their (recently engaged) friends to see.
  • I shoot a lot of weddings. With Animoto's new engine, I get videos back in minutes. This saves me a lot of time and makes my life a whole lot easier.
  • With the 1000+ commercially licensed songs, I don't have to worry about any of the music royalty payments. Plus, they have a very awesome Romantic genre that works perfectly for wedding videos.
  • Animoto videos empower my clients to spread the word about me to friends and family in a visually compelling way. No marketing is better than word of mouth!

Combining influences from the world of fashion, photojournalism, and traditional schools of art imagery, Anthony Vazquez has pioneered a breathtakingly innovative approach to event photography, and has earned worldwide acclaim for his work. Striking, spontaneous, and sometimes edgy, Anthony's gallery-worthy images continually push the limits of the conventional, thrilling clients with personalized and visionary products that are not just photos – but riveting works of art.

His images have graced the pages of Us Magazine, People, Social Life and Grace Ormonde, to name but a few.

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