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Make videos from your photos and video clips in just a few clicks with Animoto Pro. Works with your workflow. Wows your clients.

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What photographers are saying

  • Selling one of these videos pays for my year at Animoto. And I sell a lot more than one a year.
    Vanessa Joy
    Wedding Photographer
  • Every single one of my clients gets an Animoto video. They always end up sharing their video with friends and family, which gets me new clients.
    Vicki Taufer
    Portrait Photographer
  • I kick off every proofing session with an Animoto video. It gets customers excited about purchasing their photos.
    Sandy Puc'
    Portrait Photographer
  • Animoto saves me time and makes my studio money. It’s a complete win-win and my clients absolutely love them.
    Doug Gordon
    Wedding Photographer

Why use Animoto Pro

  • Unlimited 20-minute videos

    Make videos up to 20 minutes long and using up to 600 photos/video clips.

  • Unbranded Videos

    White-label videos give you clean, beautiful playback with no Animoto logo whatsoever.

  • Multiple Songs In A Video

    String songs together to tell the story of a wedding day or for different locations on a shoot.

  • 2000 Licensed Music Tracks

    1000 hand-picked tracks from Triple Scoop Music, and 1000 from our other partners.

  • HD quality

    Create unlimited videos in our highest render quality, 720p HD, suitable for most screens.

  • Easy Workflow

    With plugins for Lightroom and Aperture, it takes just a few minutes to produce a stunning video.

  • Pro-Exclusive Video Styles

    Over 10 video styles only for Pros, designed and used by professional photographers.

  • Call-To-Action Button

    Link your video to your site or a proofing page, then share with your clients or on social media.

Awards and Buzz

  • Rangefinder
  • Pdn
  • Professional Photographer
  • Professional Photographer Hot One 2010
  • Professional Photographer Hot One 2011
  • Professional Photographer Hot One 2012