How can we help your cause?

Animoto supports not-for-profits and other humanitarian causes with free upgraded access.

Apply Now

Charities and non-profits can apply for free upgraded access. Its powerful features can be used to turbocharge your message, attract attention and engage your audience.

Animoto is used by many non-profits including the American Cancer Society, Teach for America, Susan G Komen for the cure, Save Darfur...

How can Animoto help promote your cause?

Automated, professional video

Animoto automatically turns your images, video clips and music into stunning videos. A static web site is easily forgotten: instead, engage your audience with video, on your site and elsewhere.

Drive traffic and donations

Use Animoto videos to convey a message with the right balance of information and emotional connection. Attract your audience back to your site.

Embrace the like-minded

Spread your message to users on social networking sites. Post easily to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Capitalize on the power of social networks.

Fundraise through video

Raise money by reselling DVDs of Animoto videos, or kick off your events with big screen projections for powerful, emotional messages.