Do you need help picking a video style for your Mother’s Day video? Here’s a quick rundown of our most popular styles for mom’s special day.

Mother's Day Animoto Video Styles

  • Antique Bouquet - Gorgeous blooms set the stage for a style that combines elegance, beauty and love, all into one.
  • Through the Blossoms - Soft, graphic flowers and paper cutouts set the backdrop for sweet memories in this pretty style.
  • Pinwheels and Things - Colorful pinwheels, origami and paper cutouts dance across the frames of this lighthearted style.
  • The Winding Vine - A vine winds gracefully through this gorgeous style, sprouting delicate blossoms along the way.
  • Watercolor Seashore – Soft watercolors paint a dreamy beach-scape style that beckons summer, all year long.
  • Rustic - Wooden borders of various shapes and sizes beautifully frame your images in this earthy style.

Give our new style, Bloom, a try! Delicate petals bloom in the air, softly framing your images within a pastel background.

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