Co-founder Tom Clifton & Dr. Diana Kirschner return for the third and final episode of “Top Secrets of Lasting, Passionate Love!”

Join them as they discuss how to practice the art of “care-full” communication with your partner through video.

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Love expert, media psychologist and bestselling author, Diana Kirschner Ph.D, has helped thousands of singles and couples find their dream relationships. She is the go-to psychologist for TV talk and reality shows with a proven track record of high ratings.

How Video Can Help Your Care-full Communication

Dr. Diana is the author of the new highly acclaimed relationship advice book, Sealing The Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love and the best-seller, Love in 90 Days. Her work on love relationships is the basis for her PBS Pledge Show, Finding Your Own True Love.

To express your love and affection to your partner, try making a video using some of your most beloved photos together. Make sure to add text to express how much you appreciate your significant other!