Graduates Lifting Mortarboards

Graduation – The day our kids have thought about since the first day of school. At times, you weren’t sure they would make it. Not only is this a huge accomplishment, but it’s something you’ll want to preserve in a video for years to come.

This is the kind of video that you and your kids will look back on years from now. And remember, it’s something you can share with friends and family! Tell the story of their “school” life over the years with a few key milestones.

Animoto video style: Original

Graduation: For your graduate

1. First Day of School

Dig out or search for those early school days shots – maybe preschool, maybe kindergarten – but those pictures or videos that capture the smallness (and innocence) of your child. It will help remind him or her of what they looked like to you way back when.

2. The (Pre) Teen Years

That transition from elementary school to middle school or junior high is priceless. Goofy hair, braces, still short or too tall! Find the awkward, heartwarming shots of your child making their way into the teen years and then successfully making it through with photos and video clips with friends, at sporting events, playing in band or doing homework.

3. Graduation

Whether graduation is for high school or college, be sure to incorporate the moments leading up to and including the big event. The photos of your child in their cap and gown are something all of you will treasure forever.

Be sure to make it personal by adding your words and just the right music from the Animoto music library.
While your child will cherish this Animoto video forever, we realize you also put in a lot of hard work to get them to this point.

Get started with the graduation video and then celebrate away!