Here’s our guide to creating awesome Animoto videos with multiple songs! (Or, if you’re not really the “instruction manual” type, you can skip all that and make your first multi-song video now!)

Step 1:

When editing your video, look below all your pictures and video clips for “Add Another Song”

Animoto Add Multiple Songs to Video

Step 2:

Click it, and the first song you chose will immediately be added again. Don’t like that song? Click the title and the song selector will pop up. Choose one of our songs, or upload your own. After you have chosen your song, drag or add images/video into your second song:

Step 3:

Check out how long each song plays to the right:

3 Steps to Using Multiple Songs in a Video

Insider Tip:

If you have a Pro or Pro Premium account, you can add up to 10 songs and make a 20-minute long video. We have a new image storage area to the right of the of the project. If you delete a song that has images already associated with it, you will see your images migrate over there. Feel free to drag the images back into the project:

3 Steps to Using Multiple Songs in a Video

Use our multi-song technology to create an awesome business video!