There’s some more awesome additions in the music library in the genres you love most.

Top 40 / Pop

Jamesking – Gold (It’s My Time): Good for: Graduation montage, newborn baby, birthday


Vekstar – Mix Ourselves Together: Good for: Anniversary, wedding


The Krinkles – Best Friend: Good for: Best friend’s birthday, toast to bride or groom, pet video Forest Sun – So Nice: Good for: Valentine’s day card, birthday Joshua Armstrong – You’re a Part of Me: Good for: Anniverary, dramatic reunion


Tennis Hero – Midnight Love: Good for: Romantic proposal, wedding Sarah Schachner – Viral Code: Good for: Adventure, intense, invitation to a lazer tag party

Hip Hop

Know One – Back in the Day: Good for: Graduation, nostalgia, fond family memories

Indie Rock

The Wandas – Thank You Note: Good for: Family celebrations, feel good.

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