Video marketing increases conversion rates for businesses and builds trust with your customers.

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Animoto videos can be an invaluable tool for effective online marketing, but even successful marketing campaigns only generate a 2% response rate according to Seth Godin. Consumers are fantastically good at ignoring advertisements, and consequently, you need to make sure that you’re converting those who make it to your site. Animoto can be one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal for improving conversion rates.

Converting browsers to buyers is critical to the success of any sort or ecommerce, and video is one of the most effective ways to increase your conversion rate. By using video, online retailers can increase their point of sale conversion rate by 30%! Imagine that. Video can practically add a pure profit quarter to your bottom line every year. A recent survey commissioned by Google and conducted by Doubleclick found that rich media ads increase purchase intent as well as brand loyalty. Furthermore, Zappos found that including videos with their product listings increased the point-of-sale conversion rate between 6% and 30%. Finally, saw a 130% increase in point-of-sale conversions when a consumer clicked on a video. Taken together, these statistics illustrate the product video’s effectiveness at the point of sale conversion. Additionally, research shows that videos decrease returns and customer service calls, which is a great cost-cutting benefit of well-made videos.*

Your video content should be carefully selected and thoughtfully organized. When shooting your products, you need to capture your products’ look and function. You should strive to include video along with high-quality images – even a few clips from your point and shoot will do the trick. Testing suggests that seeing the products in motion as well as images of the product is more appealing to the customer. The structure of your video should anticipate and address your customers’ concerns and questions. Always remember that the video is for potential buyers. You must make the video relevant to the consumer. Keep it informative, keep it brief, and let Animoto work its magic!

*From and Ecommerce Blog

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